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Olds Super Trombone

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F.E. Olds 


Olds Super

Serial # 223XX 

According to Horn-u-Copia, this would make the horn circa 1947


  • Original case in fair condition
  • Original Olds 3 MP


  • Tone Control Band 
  • Duo-Octagonal slide (see image 3)


This horn has not been played for a number of years. Despite that, the octagonal slide moves effortlessly. There is no sign of previous slide damage.

If you are not familiar with the Olds Super model, please see the enclosed catalogue page that is approximately 10 years newer than this particular instrument itself. It does explain the model extremely well. 

This trombone will get a once-over before it leaves the shop. 

Like all used brass instruments, it is recommended that it undergo a professional chemical cleaning prior to its new owner taking it home and using it on a regular basis. Speak to us about this service. We offer a 10% discount when customers order a chemical cleaning at the time of purchase.**

For more information about Olds trombones, please see It's A Bear. The site is dedicated to these very fine vintage trombones by Olds.

It's A Bear is also the source for the vintage catalogue page provided in this listing.

The proceeds of the sale of this Olds Super trombone entirely go to supporting music programs in schools.  


** In order to qualify for this 10% discount, you must request the work at the time of purchase.