Warranties For New & Used Instruments

New Musical Instrument Warranties 

Matterhorn Music is proud to say that we are an official dealer for Conn-Selmer, Stomvi, Beavercreek, and the Buffet Crampon Group.

Since we sell some of the best musical instruments in the world, we have complete confidence in those instruments that we sell to our customers.

Before a customer buys one of our new instruments, it is carefully gone over in the shop to check for any defects; set up in the shop to make sure it is playing optimally; and checked to make sure all the factory-supplied accessories are included as well.

All new instruments come with some kind of limited manufacturer's warranty. The warranty times vary by brand, and even by type of instrument. 

When you buy your new instrument at Matterhorn Music, in addition to this limited manufacturer's warranty, you will also receive one of the following:

Student instruments: 2 year in-house warranty for adjustments

Pro model instruments: 1 year in-house warranty for adjustments

For problems covered during the manufacturer's warranty period

  • Different manufacturers have different warranty expiry dates for their different instruments.
  • If you are not sure when your warranty expires, contact the shop and we can let you know. 
  • Bring the problem to our attention within a week of discovering it.
  • Bring the instrument to the shop for assessment, and possible consultation with the manufacturer (if required). 
  • Often the repair can be be done in-house. In rare occasions, the instrument may need to be sent back to the manufacturer for their assessment, repair, or replacement. 
  • Keep your invoice! Even though we have it in our system, accidents can happen. Don't leave it to chance. Keep a copy of your invoice somewhere safe.

What are examples of things not covered by warranty?

  • Lacquer wear is mostly not covered, since different people have differing pH levels that may adversely affect an instrument's finish. This is outside of a manufacturer's control, and not a manufacturing flaw. 
  • Scratches to the finish. 
  • Modification or alterations of any kind.
  • Damage caused by negligence, abuse, misuse, accidents, or lack of proper maintenance.
  • Loss or theft are not covered. 
  • Instrument cases are generally not made by the instrument manufacturer, and come with their own warranty. Check the paperwork that came with your instrument for details. If in doubt, you can contact us and we will find out for you. 

Any alterations to the serial number usually void the warranty. 

Used Musical Instrument Warranties 

All used instruments belonging to Matterhorn Music, come with a 1 year in-house warranty for adjustments.

Please note: Consignment instruments purchased through Matterhorn Music are NOT eligible for any warranty.