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At Matterhorn Music we do our very best to make sure you have the most current and accurate information about the products we sell. That is why we reserve the right to cancel, edit, or correct an order at any time if we determine it to be inaccurate. You will always be notified of changes being made to your order.

Product availability and prices are subject to change without notice. We will make the corrections as soon as we are aware of them.

Matterhorn Music reserves the right to revoke any offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions—up to and including after an order has been submitted and your payment had been made. If the payment has already been made for your purchase and we cancel your order, Matterhorn Music will issue a credit for the full amount of the purchase to whatever payment method was used for the transaction.

Although Matterhorn Music does its best to ensure that our product information is accurate, we encourage our customers to refer to the manufacturer’s website for complete product details.

Although we do provide some links to manufacturers, or other related websites, please note, that any information, opinions, and/or suggestions contained in these links are those of the content creator, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Matterhorn Music.