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Joy Key

Joy Key - Water Key

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JoyKeys function automatically and have no moving parts. The JoyKey case is made of solid nickel silver. The water rings and screw caps are interchangeable. Once installed, you can forget about the JoyKeys on your instrument except for when a WaterWick needs to be replaced. 

JoyKeys automatically drop the water out of your instrument whilst you are playing, allowing you to maintain a constant "Flow State." Placing your instrument in/on an appropriate stand when resting facilitates the process of keeping your instrument water free.

At first you might feel a little like someone who has just given up smoking and is wondering what to do with their restless hands. Within a week or two you'll probably find it hard to remember what it was like to have to pull slides all the time, grab for a water key lever or get upset at having clammed a note or entry because there was water in the lead pipe. You'll quickly learn to value the peace of mind you have to prepare for your next entry.