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Otto Link

Otto Link Hard Rubber Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

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Tip Opening

For more than 50 years, artists have been using Otto Link Hard Rubber Alto Saxophone mouthpieces to help them achieve that that quintessential jazz sound.

The Otto Link Tone Edge hard rubber piece is designed to be bright and responsive, and give jazz players that full tone and projection they are constantly on the hunt for. 

Contact us to find out about the availability of these, and other Otto Link alto saxophone mouthpieces that you are interested in. 

Tip Openings

 4* .060
#5 .065
5* .070
#6 .075
6* .080
#7 .085
7* .090
#8 .095
8* .100


**More tip openings available as well. Ask us about them.

Note: These tip openings come directly from the JJ Babbitt website, and may not necessarily reflect the true measurement of every mouthpiece. Please use this chart as a general guide only.