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Brand Trumpet Mouthpiece - Jazz

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Brand Mouthpieces - Swiss Made

Cold Conditions

Start playing and have an immediate pleasant, warm feeling. Perfect notes right from the beginning.

Allergy Sufferers

Ideal for all players with metal allergies. 


Mouthpieces can be cleaned simply with hot water and a brush. Less adherence of dirt than on metal mouthpieces.

Turbo Blow

Brand mouthpieces are equipped with the patented Turbo Blow twist for a fuller sound and increased volume. Just blow it!

 Size Characteristics Cup
warm, substantial sound, excellent all-round mouthpiece for jazz musicians and soloists medium low


With Turbobore for a TurboBlow effect!

As the license holder of the patented Turbobore, we offer our mouthpieces under the name TurboBlow, designating the Turbobore effect.

More volume and a richer tone thanks to the delicate thread in the stem cone.

The thread is designed in such a way that the air of the instrumentalist is immediately better directed through the instrument and thus has a lower air resistance.

When you want to empty a bottle filled with a liquid, it works better if, in addition, the bottle is rotating.

Pleasant effects:

Bigger, fuller sound in all registers. The TurboBlow effect also provides help for high notes.