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Conn New Wonder Series II Eb Alto Sax - Used

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New Wonder Series II, 6M - Eb Alto 


4 : Highly polished brass throughout, pearl inlaid finger tips and pearl rollers. (Likely factory lacquered at some point in its life.)

Serial #


Year of Manufacturing

circa. 1928-29 


This Conn has an incredible amount of potential. It is just waiting for a new owner to give it a new home and provide it with a much-needed overhaul. Once restored, it will be a fantastic player. In its current state though, the horn is unplayable. 

It is in fantastic condition though. Its only obvious ding is the dent on the left side of the bow. (see photo)



Haynes Patent Stamp

Rolled tone holes

Range: Low Bb - High F

Nailfile G# key (which denotes the Series II nature of the horn)


* It has clearly been relacquered at some point in its life—most likely at the factory based on the condition of the lacquer and engraving.

According to saxophone historian Pete Hales: is almost universally thought that lacquer was not introduced until the 6M "Naked Lady" models, starting around s/n 260xxx (1934). It seems to have been a common practice to get old bare-brass horns lacquered in the 1930's to protect the finish, but this was not original -- it may have been done by Conn themselves, but it's aftermarket.

It is in need of a full overhaul. It is currently not playable. 

Still has its original case. 

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