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Conn-made C Melody Sax Stencilled Beaufort #P23XXX

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This unrestored Beaufort C melody saxophone was made by Conn on the Pan American side of the factory. It is in very remarkable condition, and is just awaiting a restoration/overhaul to begin the next chapter of its life. 

It was likely made in the late 1920s, and has not been abused. It has spent many years sitting in its case, and is currently not playable. Shows no signs of previous damage or repairs. 

This horn is here on consignment, but if you decide you would like to have us do an overhaul on it, we will gladly work with you and see what we can do to give you a bit of a discount on the costs. 

Horns like this don't come around too often. A great many have been worked on by amateur techs who have inadvertently damaged them while attempting to repair them. This one is simply waiting for the right owner to come along and give it a new home.