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Conn Artist Model 10M Tenor - Used

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Artist Series 10M 


Two Tone: Lacquer with nickel plated keys

Serial #


Production date

Circa 1965-66

Made in the USA


  • Straight tone holes
  • Underslung octave key
  • Sheet metal key guards


Want a 10M but don't have 4K+ to throw at one? Then this may well be the horn for you. 

Snobs often overlook these last, American-made, pro horns by Conn and say they are not real 10Ms. Don't believe them. They do exactly what the older, Naked Lady models do, except the intonation can be a little bit easier nail down. 

Another Internet myth that has been spread is that the older, wire keyguarded horns play better than those with sheet metal guards. Again, don't believe everything you read. 

The best way to find out anything about a horn is to try and play it for yourself. Please do that! You will be amazed how well this horn plays. Our sax-playing education rep--who had exactly the same model 10M BTW--was shocked how well this horn responded from top to bottom, and subtoned with ease. 

Currently very playable with good set of pads that have a mix of flat metal resos with rivets, and a few nylon, Selmer-style domed resos. 

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a way to get a pro horn for less than the price of a cheaply-made student horn, then give this Conn 10M a play. It just might be the perfect 1st, or back up horn, for your stable.


Original Conn case in good condition

Matterhorn Music Saxophone Overhaul Special

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** In order to qualify for this 20% discount, you must request the work at the time of purchase. 

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