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Claude Lakey

Claude Lakey Apollo Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

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Claude Lakey mouthpieces are among the best and brightest in the saxophone world. If you have been looking for a modern, contemporary sound, and want a piece that has the ability to do everything from jazz to rock, then a Lakey mouthpiece might just be what you're looking for. 

**All Claude Lakey mouthpieces are available with a perfectly-sized Rovner ligature at a very reasonable price.** 

Apollo Tenor Brass & Rhodium

Experience rich highs and lows that stay open and crisp as you move up and down the register. Our precision milled Apollo Tenor Brass mouthpiece gives you excellent balance and projection.

The tenor provides a unique smokey sound suited for any genre, and lends to effortless playing. It even makes reaching altissimo seem natural and easy.

Product Details

  • Classic Lakey brightness with warm undertones
  • Great projection
  • Free Blowing and easy to play
  • Easily accessible highs and lows
  • Handcrafted for quality
  • Made from high quality brass

The Apollo Tenor Brass mouthpiece gives warm, bright clarity in both high and low notes. Running up and down the register, you’ll enjoy its free blowing, easy projection. The Apollo Tenor Brass gives an added warm richness to the classic Lakey tone, and we think you’ll fall in love with your new signature sound. Made from the highest quality brass, and hand crafted for quality, this piece is an instant classic.

The Apollo Brass is great for playing in a jazz style but is not to be overlooked for rock, funk, or house music. Thriving in large ensembles, elevating you a notch above for stand-out solo work. If you want to blend into the ensemble, the Apollo Brass gives you the control to do so. Soon you’ll find the Apollo Brass is your go-to piece for any genre.

Apollo Tenor Ebonite

Made from exclusively sourced German Ebonite and precision milled using state-of-the-art CNC machining processes, our Apollo Ebonite Tenor provides a dark, fat tone that will cut through amplified instruments and horn sections.

You'll reach new highs and lows while maintaining the crisp, open Lakey sound.

Product Details

  • Classic Lakey brightness with warm undertones
  • Great projection
  • Free blowing and easy to play
  • Easily accessible highs and lows
  • Handcrafted for quality
  • Made from exclusively sourced ebonite

The Apollo Tenor Ebonite mouthpiece gives you the warmest tone of our tenor pieces, while still providing the free blowing brightness that Lakey mouthpieces are known for. Using exclusively sourced ebonite, these quality hand-crafted pieces provide you with greater projection and more easily accessible highs and lows. The Apollo Tenor Ebonite is often an instant favorite.

The Apollo Ebonite is great for use in a jazz or dixieland setting, but isn’t to be overlooked for other genres as well. We find that the Apollo Ebonite is really great for rock, funk, or house music as well. The great projection allows you to be heard among large ensembles, and the bright, crisp tone lends to fantastic solo work. Whether your goal is to blend in, or stand out, you’ll find the great control the Apollo Ebonite gives you will help you achieve it and anything in-between.

Size Chart

 6* .108
7* .115
8* .120


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