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Buescher True Tone C Melody Sax #163XXX

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This is a unrestored C melody saxophone that is celebrating its 100th birthday this year! 

It is really a diamond in the rough. Once restored however, it will be a lovely player. 

This horn is currently unplayable. 


Serial #: 163XXX

Year of manufacturing: 1923

Body Tube: Type A

Series: II

Finish: Bare Brass

Original case & end plug

Original Buescher C melody MP

Various other original accessories included as well

Everything you might ever want to know about Buescher True Tone C melody saxophones can be found in this fantastic article on Bassic Sax

Given it is 100 years old, its condition is truly remarkable. This vintage horn is just waiting for its new owner to choose their options for its restoration/overhaul. 

Matterhorn Music Saxophone Overhaul Special

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All pro horn overhauls are given the most precise attention to detail. Speak with David about your pad/reso choices. 


** In order to qualify for this 20% discount, you must request the work at the time of purchase. 

If you request an overhaul, your horn will be placed in the queue, and the work will be done as soon as its turn comes. Summer is our busiest time, so any work requested during June-August will be delayed the longest.