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I Recommend - Trombone

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A complete warm-up technique book containing units on lip slurs, chorales, major scales and scale studies, minor scales, chromatic scales, arpeggios, interval studies, articulation and dynamic studies, rhythm studies, and rudiment review. Written by James D. Ployhar, with individual tuning suggestions and warm-up exercises by additional experts on each instrument.

By James D. Ployhar
Format: Book

UNIT I: Tuning-Warm Up (For Individual Use)
UNIT II: Lip Slurs (Brasses)
UNIT III: Chorales
UNIT IV: Major Scales and Scale Studies
UNIT V: Minor Scales
UNIT VI: Chromatic Scales
UNIT VII: Arpeggios
UNIT VIII: Interval Studies
UNIT IX: Articulation and Dynamic Studies (Staccato, Slur-Legato, Semi-Staccato, Tenuto, Accents and Dynamics)
UNIT X: Rhythm Studies
UNIT XI: Rudiment Review