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Armstrong Flute - AFL201

Regular price $675.00 CAD
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Model: AFL 201 (formerly the 102)


  • Easy to produce a beautiful tone in all registers
  • Easy articulation
  • Light, fast and durable key action
  • Superb intonation


The Armstrong AFL201 flute features:

  • A silver-plated, nickel silver head joint
  • Body and key work with Y arms
  • Offset G and closed holes

With a multi-tapered bore for optimal acoustic response and resonance, the head joint features a sharp blowing edge of the embouchure hole that creates a fast, easy response and articulation.

Great for the beginning student due to its effortless playability, the head joint design features elegant under and over cutting to provide easy first tones that are rich, expressive, and even throughout all registers.

Featuring Y arms, the keywork is hand assembled to create a feather-light, lightning-fast and fluid key action.