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Alpine Hearing Protection Musician's Earplugs

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Alpine Hearing Protection MusicSafe earplugs are equipped with the unique AlpineAcousticFilter™. The filters only attenuate harmful peak noises. Conversations with fellow musicians can still be understood easily and the quality of the music remains perfectly audible. This hearing protection comes with two filter sets (Medium and High) for the best possible music experience. MusicSafe is not only a must during performances or in the studio, but also during concerts, repetitions, and lessons. You can determine the attenuation yourself in any situation. Gold filter: average attenuation (SNR) 22 dB Silver filter: average attenuation (SNR) 19 dB
    • The audio quality of the music remains, the volume is attenuated to a safe level
    • Very comfortable and barely visible in the ear
    • Two different filter sets for medium and high attenuation
    • Reduces harmful noise and prevents hearing damage
    • With a luxury, convenient travel box with a separate compartments for the earplugs and the filters
    • Reusable
    • Two interchangeable filter sets (19 dB & 22 dB)
    • GOLD FILTER H=23 M=19 L=16 SNR= 22 NRR=19.4-25.4
    • SILVER FILTER H=20 M=17 L=14 SNR=19 NRR=18.5-22.9

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