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Robinson's Remedies

Robinson's Remedies - Lip Renew

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Lip Renew Endurance Cream

The world’s first endurance cream for wind musicians that you can use while you play without wiping it off. A wax-free and petroleum free formula professionally developed with chemists to ensure the best for wind musician lips and surrounding muscles.

Product Info

  • wax free
  • absorbs in seconds
  • pleasant vanilla mint flavor
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • quickly reduces inflammation
  • helps prevent excess lactic acid build up in muscles
  • supports oxygenation and blood flow to the muscle
  • heals cuts quickly
  • can even be used during performance without wiping off

Ingredients & Purpose

  1. WATER — for hydration
  2. KAVA EXTRACT — helps relieve muscle tension and spasms
  3. ALOE VERA — multiple benefits including reducing inflammation, speeding healing of the skin and antiseptic
  4. ARNICA OIL — soothes and reduces inflammation
  5. HYPERICIN — reduces inflammation and muscle pain. Works in synergy with other ingredients as an anti-viral.
  6. LUCIDAL LIQUID — A natural preservative and anti-bacterial
  7. MAGNESIUM GLYCINATE — prevents lactic acid buildup in the muscle tissue and provides amino acids to the muscle.
  8. ECOGEL & HELIOFEEL — all natural and trademarked emulsifiers
  9. AMTICIDE COCONUT — moisturizer and anti-microbial
  10. TAURINE — hydrates the skin and increases blood oxygenation
  11. CAFFEINE — improves blood oxygenation and improves endurance
  12. VANILLA EXTRACT — used as a flavoring and anti-inflammatory
  13. STEVIA — a natural sweetener
  14. SILICA — helps keep ingredients in suspension
  15. MENTHOL CRYSTALS — for flavoring and has analgesic benefits
  16. MILK PEPTIDE COMPLEX — an all natural protein to speed collagen production
  17. ROSEMARY OIL — increases blood circulation
  18. LAVENDER OIL — helps relieve muscle tension
  19. MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE — prevents lactic acid buildup in the muscle
  20. BHT — an FDA approved food preservative with strong anti-viral benefits.

And yes, this product is great for both brass and woodwind players. If you are prone to muscle fatigue from playing, this product is for you. 

The following from Robinson's offers up some info on the company and the rest of their product line.