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Bach Small Shank Trombone Mouthpiece Classic

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Bach 5G Small Shank Trombone Mouthpiece. Same as No. 350-5 except for .276” throat and #429 backbore (same as No. 341-5G but with small shank). Cup Depth: Deep Approx. Cup Diameter: 25.50mm Rim Shape: Medium Wide, Semi Flat

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Trombone Small Shank

Model no.              

Depth of Cup Approx cup Diameter Rim Shape Description




Medium Wide, Semi Flat Same as No. 350-5 except for .276” throat and #429 backbore (same as No. 341-5G but with small shank).



Medium 25.50mm Medium Wide, Well Rounded Fairly large cup. For players with a strong embouchure.  Full, solid, mellow tone.


6 1/2A

Medium Deep 25.40mm Medium Wide, Well Rounded Slightly larger than medium with standard-size throat and backbore. Rich, compact tone of large volume.

 6 1/2AL

Medium Deep 25.40mm Medium Wide, Well Rounded The same rim and cup as No. 6 1 ⁄ 2A, but with a larger “G” deep throat and #420 backbore for trombonists who strive for a Teutonic tone quality. Recommended for euphonium players who desire a round, mellow tone of great carrying power and substantial volume


6 3/4C

Medium Shallow 25.00mm Medium Wide, Well rounded Produces a full, clear, rather brilliant timbre.  For trombonists with good, well-trained embouchures.



Medium Shallow 24.75mm Medium Wide, not too sharp Designed for players who prefer a medium-large cup to assure a large volume of tone. The rather shallow cup produces great brilliancy.



Medium Shallow 24.72mm Medium Wide Same size as No. 11 but with a medium shallow cup for a brilliant ringing tone of large volume.



Medium 24.50mm Medium Wide Same size and rim as No. 12 but with a more brilliant, crips tone.  The best selling model for all around playing.



Very Shallow 24.50mm Medium Wide This model, designed primarily for Eb alto trombone, can be used on a Bb trombone or bass trumpet when a brilliant, brassy tone is desirable.  Also recommended for use in the extreme high register.


More models available, special orders only.