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Vic Firth

Vic Firth American Classic Hickory Drumsticks - Wooden Tip - 7A

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American Classic® 7A 


Perfect for light jazz and combo or whenever a fast, light touch is needed. Tear drop tip. 

  • Perfect option for light jazz and combo
  • Also great for moving quickly around the kit
  • Nylon tip for added clarity on cymbals and added durability
  • Crafted from premium USA Hickory


Diameter : .540" | 1.37cm

Length : 15.5" | 39.37cm

Taper**: Medium

**Taper affects the feel and balance of a stick. A long taper produces a back-heavy feel with more flex and a faster response. A short taper provides more power and durability with a front-heavy feel. A medium taper gives you the best balance between the butt and the tip. 


Series : American Classic® 

Surface Coating : Lacquer


Material : Hickory Tip

Shape : Tear Drop