We have your back to school band instrument & supplies

We have your back to school band instrument & supplies

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Summer is unofficially over, and the kids are back to school. If one or more of your children is either starting, or continuing in the band program in their school, then a musical instrument and its accessories are on your Back To School shopping list. 

If you have not taken band yourself—or your child wants to learn an instrument you are not familiar with, and you don't know where to start—let us help you out.

Matterhorn Music's friendly and helpful staff is available to help you with whatever instrument your child is wanting to learn. 

We have: flutes, clarinets, alto and tenor saxophones, trumpets, trombones, bass guitars, as well as bell, snare, and bell/snare combo kits available for rent. 

If your child's tastes run a bit on the more obscure side, we have a limited supply of: oboes, bass clarinets, baritone horns, euphoniums, as well as French horns. 

Our rentals tend to be for the school year, but short-term, 3 month rentals are available as well. 

We strongly encourage you to do your rental shopping through our new, Shopify-powered, online rental shop. There you will able to rent from wherever you are, and can make arrangements to have the instrument delivered to your child's school in time for their first band class.

Matterhorn Music has been a proud supporter of music in schools since we opened our doors in 2006. We look forward to once again serving you for the 2022-23 school year! 

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