A Rare 5 Digit Selmer Mark VI Alto

Since we are christening a new section of our website, it only makes sense that we have something memorable on it. Today’s instrument: a 5-digit Selmer Mark VI alto sax in its original silver plate, with what is colloquially called a “double S” neck. 

Selmer Mark VI, 5 digit, double "S" neck, octave lever, alto saxophone

The double S is not really a double S, but rather an S intertwined with a C for Selmer et Cie (Selmer and Co.). These early Mark VIs did not have the Mark VI stamping on the bell to bow connecting ring, nor did they generally have matching serial numbers on the neck.

This 55XXX silver plated alto is in on consignment, and will be posted in on the website in the coming days. Unfortunately our photographer took the photos before David polished the horn today. As they say: Timing is everything. 😉

Not only was the horn polished, but David did some work on the horn getting it ready for someone who was coming in to play-test this afternoon.

musical instrument repair, alto sax, Selmer Mark VI, silver plated, 5 digit Mark VI

saxophone repair, Selmer Mark VI, 5 digit Mark VI, alto sax, silver plated

saxophone pad replacement, musical instrument repair, Matterhorn Music, Selmer Mark VI, alto sax

After David was finished working on the horn, I had the privilege of playing this fine sax. I used the Selmer alto player’s go-to piece: a vintage Meyer hard rubber. The horn played very sweetly indeed. It sounded vastly different than it did last week when I tried it with my vintage Dukoff… by I digress. 😉

It comes with a NOS Selmer Vanguard alto case with case cover.

Late breaking news: THIS SELMER #55XXX IS SOLD!

Yup, the fellow that came in this afternoon gave this rare 5 digit Mark VI a new home.

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