Used Pro Gear

At Matterhorn Music we service the horns of many pro players. Pro players often have A LOT of gear. Sometimes, when they no longer need all of it, they leave this extra gear for us to sell on consignment.

This pro gear is separate and apart from the horns that we have listed on our Used Brass Winds and Used Woodwinds pages. Since the items on these pages change regularly, you’ll never know what you will find here.

We also frequently know of things that people are only planning on selling, but haven’t dropped off yet. So if you are looking for something in particular, it doesn’t hurt to call or email the shop and ask David if he knows for example, of someone selling trumpet mouthpiece X, or saxophone neck Y. 

All of the pro gear we carry can be tried out in person in the shop before you buy it. Just make your arrangements with David directly to try out any of the used pro gear we have in stock.

Selmer scroll shank mouthpiece, vintage Soloist alto sax mouthpiece, hard rubber mouthpiece,

This is a vintage Selmer Soloist E hard rubber mouthpiece for an alto sax that we had in the shop recently. It sold in under a week.