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It has the essential feature, as in any instrument, of increasing the harmonic range thanks to the concomitance of the bells built-in the bottom caps.

This device greatly facilitates the dynamics of the trumpet itself giving a greater volume to the harmonics, from note to note, achieving a sound implosion.

With the MaxiClapper bottom caps we accomplish something essential for the players: dynamic COMFORT that widely eases the performance. Thanks to the higher size than the clapper caps, it improves the sound emission and the passage of the note, it powers and maximizes the lateral dimension, functioning as external resonators. The emergence of a 6th harmonic is achieved thanks to the way the bells inside are built and tuned.

The set consists of three pieces: clapper, cap and screw, the last two joined by an O-ring. The clapper and the screw are made of brass and the cap of aluminum.

The MaxiClapper tonality must be a 6th up the instrument tonality. Available: C / F / G / A / B

Stomvi recommended putting 2 MaxiClappers in Bb and C instruments, and only 1 in the rest of the tonalities:

Bb Trumpet: 2 MaxiClapper in G (#993134-G)

C Trumpet: 2 MaxiClapper in A (# 993134-A)

Piccolo A: MaxiClapper in F (#993134-F)

Piccolo Bb: MaxiClapper in G (#993134-G)

D Trumpet: MaxiClapper in B (#993 134-B)

Eb Trumpet: MaxiClapper in C (#993134-C)

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Weight 75 g
Dimensions 13 x 8 x 8 cm


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