An Upright Early Constellation Trumpet

We have an interesting trumpet on consignment at the moment. It’s a Conn Connstellation from 1958. What’s even more interesting about it, is that someone turned this fantastic trumpet into an upright at some point.

Conn Connstellation trumpet #760XXX

Who? Don’t know. When? Don’t know that either. All we can tell you is that the owner died, and that the current owner is now parting with the instrument as he doesn’t play trumpet.

We do know that the owner was quite an accomplished player, and spent quite a bit of time traveling between North America and the UK. It was in the UK that he had the custom flight case made for the horn by Trifibre.

Custom flight case by Trifibre

Check out all the photos of this unique horn on the Used Brass Winds page. If you’re interested in a horn that lets you stand out from the crowd—groan— 😉 just send David an email and let him know you’re interested in finding out more.